2020 Annual Celebration Day on October 4th

The next annual Suzanne Aubert Celebration day will be celebrated on Sunday October 4, which is the first Sunday in October closest to the anniversary of her death (October 1st 1926)

The purpose of this important national day of celebration is promote and celebrate the spirituality and good works of Venerable Suzanne Aubert to as many people as possible. And in doing so, our hope is that as more people learn of this amazing missionary woman who came to New Zealand at the age of 25 and made this country herown, will be inspired by what she did and what she achieved. It also provides all Catholics the opportunity to commit to praying that the church will soon recognise this remarkable woman of great faith, as a Saint.

Realising that many new Catholics in New Zealand have probably never heard of Suzanne Aubert, we are very grateful that the Bishops and parish priests around the country allow us this opportunity once a year to better inform parishioners of who she was and what she did.

Parishes will again be provided with a special Prayer of the Faithful, copies of the Intercessory prayer card, and a special edition SA News to distribute in their parishes.

They will also be provided with a new video to screen at Masses.  Until then you can view it the current inspirational video here.